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How Many Ovens Do I Need?

How Many Ovens Do I Need?

The humble oven is an unsung hero of the kitchen (think hearty winter roasts, baked goodies for sweet tooths and delicious homemade pizzas). It explains why many people are opting for more than one oven when designing a new kitchen or embarking on a kitchen renovation.

But do you need two ovens in a kitchen? Is it really worth taking the plunge on the extra appliance?

A Popular Choice for Contemporary Kitchens - Two Wall Mounted Ovens Side by Side
A Popular Choice – Two Wall Mounted Ovens Side by Side

Many people assume that the all-important factor on whether to install two ovens in a kitchen, two single ovens side by side, an oven-microwave-warming-drawer combo, or any other configuration depends on how much you entertain.

Nothing could be further than the truth. Having multiple ovens simply makes life easier whether you’re a family with kids, a hostess with the mostest or a working professional.

A Classic Dual Side By Side Oven
A classic dual side by side oven from one of our French Provincial Kitchens.

Here’s why you might consider two or more ovens:

Customised Cooking

If you’re wrestling with the dilemma, ‘do I really need two ovens?’, the answer is, you’ll be wondering how you’ve managed so long without! The great thing is you can customise your double oven with either two full-sized ovens, one full and one smaller, or a full oven with either a convection or microwave oven on top. This allows you to choose your cooking modes (broil, steam, bake, grill or roast) and prepare things at different temperatures for hassle-free meals.

Kitchen Appliances Siemens Oven
Sometimes you may only have a single wall mount oven and other wall mounted appliances such as a Microwave or Coffee Machine such as this one by Siemens.

Quantity Counts

When debating the pros and cons of a double oven, it’s worth considering one of the most obvious benefits – you can cook more.

Want to make meals in bulk for a large family? Love having loads of people around on the weekend? The double oven has you covered. As a bonus, you can have everyone sit down at the same time to eat for a large gathering rather than staggered shifts, a novelty that will thrill you to bits.

Convection Oven & Steam Oven
Having both a Convection Oven & Steam Oven, makes cooking two dished at different temperatures easy.

Time saver

In our fast-paced world, time is a precious currency. If you’re scrambling to have more free time, cooking multi-course meals couldn’t be easier. Having two ovens in a kitchen comes in handy, not just for those all-important holiday events like Christmas, but throughout the year too. You could easily have a main meal going in one oven, and a dessert or appetiser in the other. So say good-bye to cooking meals ahead of time, and the inconvenience of heating them up later.

A Modern Kitchen Renovation with Miele Built In Coffee Machine Oven and Steam Oven
A Modern Kitchen Renovation with Miele Built In Coffee Machine Oven and Steam Oven

Wise investment

We all know that remodelling your kitchen increases its overall value. As double ovens become increasingly popular in modern kitchens, they represent an attractive upgrade for your home. The selection of features is always growing, too, making multiple ovens a worthwhile and smart investment (we love, for example, the toasting option which is not only useful, but a fantastic space spacer as you won’t need a separate appliance for that function). Converts say double ovens have revolutionised their cooking experience and are utterly life-changing!

Accessible & affordable

Back in the day, you’d have to live in the high end of town to have two single ovens side by side, or any other configuration you desired. Today, as people catch on to the benefits of having more than one oven, they have become cost effective for the average consumer. Interestingly, models no larger than a single oven are also being released, which means you don’t need to live in the Taj Mahal to have two ovens in a kitchen.

Still weighing up the pros and cons of a double oven? Need to get some expert advice on whether you need two ovens in a kitchen?

Learn more about planning kitchen appliances.

For a great way to get an easy quote on a custom kitchen including multiple ovens, see our Kitchen Costs Online.

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