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Timeless Kitchen Trends

Timeless Kitchen Trends

It’s tempting to want the newest, shiniest, coolest thing. But when it comes to latest kitchen trends, nothing beats a style that never goes out of fashion.

Allow us to introduce you to the classic kitchen. Not only does it rate high on practicality, it’s also aesthetically pleasing. With timeless design, a focus on simplicity and quality features, this enduring style means your investment keeps giving back.

Not only will you save money on a kitchen reno down the track, you’ll have fun along the way mixing and matching elements for this design choice. No matter what your taste, style or budget, this type of kitchen will easily work for you.

So what kind of materials, features, or appliances make the shortlist for a timeless kitchen? Here’s a collection of some of our favourites:

White Neutral Colour Kitchen in Geelong

Whites or neutrals

Don’t underestimate the power of colour to influence the balance of your kitchen. Classic kitchen colour trends typically feature white, off-whites or a neutral palette to soothe the eye. Experiment with the many shades of white around, a warming walnut brown or straight-down-the-line black and white. Offset with bold splashes of colour elsewhere. It’s universally agreed whites or neutrals keep a space fresh and bright.

Timeless Style Bamboo Timber Flooring

Wood flooring

If you’d like your kitchen to stand the test of time, consider choosing hardwood or timber flooring. This grainy, organic material oozes character and makes any space inviting. Not only that, it’s versatile and uplifting. It’s also possible to get floorboards that look like wood, but are easier to look after.

Open Plan Kitchen Ballarat Geelong

Open plan living

It seems like open plan design has been around forever. Legendary American architect Frank Lloyd Wright was an early champion of open plan design in homes, and today, they’ve become the norm. This style allows the kitchen to bask in its full glory as a hub for entertaining, cooking and informal gatherings. With its breezy flow between living spaces, an open-plan layout is perfect for promoting social interactions.

Simple Clean Line Kitchen - Torquay Project


The latest kitchen trends may revolve around making a statement. But an everlasting kitchen leans towards clean lines. Nothing is over the top or overly fussy. Architectural details are kept to a minimum, cabinetry is streamlined and appliances are seamlessly tucked away. Go for strong horizontal lines and cool organisational options. You’ve got to love drawer storage!

Blanco Kitchen Sink and Milli Glance Tap Mixer
Blanco Kitchen Sink and Milli Glance Tap Mixer

High quality elements

A great way to future proof your kitchen is by choosing good quality fittings and fixtures (think taps, kitchen sinks and even lighting). It’s worth spending a little bit more on reputable brands to ensure these elements will stand the test of time. European designs are generally known to be superior in quality and craftsmanship.

Marble Kitchen Benchtop Ballarat Geelong


Back in the day, marble was synonymous with luxury. The Taj Mahal, for example, is made entirely of marble. Today, you don’t need to be rich or famous to have a marble kitchen. With a fantastic range of high end to budget options, you can integrate this classic material into your benchtops, floors or splashbacks. Effortless and stylish, marble lends a sense of timelessness to your kitchen. It comes mostly in white.

Timeless Shaker Cabinets Ballarat Geelong Victoria

Shaker style

Also known as Hamptons style, this style bucks the latest kitchen trends by remaining a firm favourite of households across the world. Ever adaptable with the times, the Shaker style is defined by premium craftsmanship and no-frills functionality. It has a preference for unadorned wooden furniture and uncluttered lines, which grounds the space and gives it a timeless appeal. With its signature recessed-panel doors, Shaker style cabinetry has been around for more than a hundred years.

Kitchen Trends to Avoid - Kitchen Accessories

A blank canvas

Many people ask which kitchen trends to avoid? Imagine if you got carried away with kitchen colour trends, and painted your kitchen bright yellow? Or spent a small fortune on the latest popular appliances? The beauty of a timeless kitchen is that it’s like a blank canvas. If you ever want to change things up, it’s so easy to do so by adding an interesting feature piece, vibrant splashes of colour and a few ornate details. In other words, you can inject your personality into the kitchen with a few simple touches.

Kitchen With Subway Tiles Splashback in Victoria

Subway tiles

First used in New York subway stations, this universally sized rectangular tile – usually in white – has become a classic kitchen feature. Loved for its minimalism and easy-to-clean nature, subway tiles can be used in myriad ways. Used on splashbacks, around cabinets, entire walls or countertops, subway tiles are an old favourite. You’ll find they come in different styles and finishes.

Our lives are crazy, and there’s something about those classic shapes and traditional styles that are soothing. – Lindsey Waldrep, Crossville Tiles

Vintage coffee machine kitchen appliance

Vintage appliances

You can’t go past a good old vintage appliance to give your kitchen a timeless feel. Whether it’s a retro toaster, kettle or expresso machine, these items will stand the test of time and boast plenty of charm. While Italian manufacturer Smeg seems to have this corner of the market covered, there are other appliance brands you can find to give your kitchen a boost of the classic.

Kitchen Renovation with Butlers Pantry

Butler’s pantry

It may be counter-intuitive to have a kitchen within a kitchen. But that’s pretty much what a butler’s pantry is. This type of kitchen has been around for a long time, dating back to the days when well-heeled folks had butlers. Apart from offering extra storage space and a place where you can prepare meals while keeping your main kitchen looking schmick, a butler’s pantry is a must-have in any timeless kitchen.

A timeless design is not about chasing the latest kitchen trends. Rather, it’s about choosing something you’ll be happy with for years to come. The great news is that a classic kitchen can suit any taste, lifestyle or budget.

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