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Your Guide To Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design

Your Guide to Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design

Simple kitchen cabinets can be seen simply as spaces to store plates and packets of pasta. But nothing can be further from the truth. Cabinetry plays a starring role in all modern kitchen designs and makeovers, in some cases representing up to half of a project’s budget.

Not only is a modern kitchen cabinet design essential for practical reasons, such as making the best use of existing space or coming up with smart storage solutions, it also has to look fabulous and reflect your unique personal style!

The kitchen is the heart of the home, bringing together family and friends for nourishment and memory making. The cabinetry is one of the first things someone will see when they step into your kitchen, so it has to work.

Think modern kitchen cabinets and it’s likely a stylish and streamlined look will spring to mind, with white and other neutral tones dominating the space.

While that association rings true, what’s lesser known is that there is actually a dizzying array of options to consider, style and design wise, especially if you have the resources for customised cabinetry.

Here are some things to consider when selecting the right modern kitchen cabinet design:

The black cabinetry and neutral tiled splashback creates a modern kitchen
The dark cabinetry and neutral tiled splashback creates a modern feel.


The default is to match modern kitchen cabinets with worktops. But not so fast, my friend! Mixing and matching materials allows you to play with textures and influence the kitchen’s ambience.
For example, wood cabinets typically create a rustic vibe, especially when contrasted with white countertops.

Scandinavian Style Timber Cabinetry
Scandinavian style timber cabinetry creates a contemporary look.

Lacquer, marble and stainless steel are other fun and fabulous materials to consider. For a multi-purpose display and storage unit, glass fronted kitchen cabinets are a great choice.

floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets
The floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets add a dramatic touch.

Size & shape

Modern kitchen designs are limited only by the imagination. When it comes to choosing the ideal aesthetic, a lot of your decision making will be influenced by your floorspace. Recessed cabinets are fine if you’ve got plenty of room, while floor-to-ceiling units allow you to be more creative and add a dramatic touch. Variety is the spice of life, as they say. Which is why it can be appealing to contrast different sized cabinets or design styles.

Blum Space Corner Storage
The Blum Space Corner draw is a modern smarter use of cabinet space.


If you think the modern kitchen cabinet design is all about clean, simple lines with concealed appliances and everything tucked out of sight behind glossy surfaces, think again. While integrated cabinetry does lend a seamless narrative and elegance throughout the kitchen, a combination of open and closed storage spaces can also be a lovely touch. Efficient storage today comes in all shapes and sizes with inserts, custom-designed drawers and other ingenious ideas. A kitchen island  offers another clever storage solution

Modern Blue Overhead Kitchen Cabinet
This blue overhead cabinet adds a splash of colour to a modern kitchen.


White, blacks and greys are the undisputed kings of chic for those who prefer a minimalist, seriously sleek look. But the beauty of modern kitchen cabinets is your ability to get creative with colour play. Splashes of brightness, either on lower cabinets, hardware or the tiled splashback, can really lift a kitchen without taking away from its simplicity. Also trending are two-tone cabinets, which add another wonderful talking point.


Shark nose finger pull opening cabinetry
Another popular modern touch is shark nose finger pull opening cabinetry.


For any professional cabinetry maker, the devil’s in the detail. While cabinets themselves are crucial, the best modern kitchen designs will also focus on quality finishes. From integrated shark nose finger pulls and brass hardware to metallic accents and unique light fixtures, the contemporary kitchen never goes out of style. Warm, welcoming and ever-stylish, the finishes you choose will allow your space to shine.


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