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Colonial Style Kitchens Melbourne

Colonial Style Kitchens

Overhead Pots for Colonial Style Kitchens

Achieving a traditional colonial kitchen

For a centrepiece kitchen, look no further than the colonial kitchen design. With a nod to the American colonial kitchens from the pioneering past, they are increasingly sought after in Australia homes. It’s easy to see why you’d want to call one of these kitchens your own. With its rustic, homely charm, the traditional colonial kitchen creates a sense of being in your own world. A world where old-fashioned values prevail, there’s a strong connection with the land and where you might roast marshmellows over a fire on a Saturday night. And by giving this style of kitchen a modern twist, the possibilities in design and finishes are endless. Whether you stick with a more traditional look or choose a sleek contemporary design, colonial kitchens are sure to enchant you and your family for years to come.

Colonial Style Kitchen Light and Clock

What were colonial kitchens like?

A novelty kitchen designed to ignite every cylinder of your imagination, the colonial style is all about evoking romance and a can-do spirit. So what were colonial kitchens like? The scene that immediately springs to mind involves bubbling cauldrons, spinning wheels, stone floors and an inviting open fire. But dig deeper and you’ll find an earthy colour palette in whites, creams and muted tones, reflecting the importance of the Great Outdoors in the interior. When it comes to colonial style kitchen cabinets, Advanced Cabinetry might recommend deeper shades to introduce an element of drama and contrast. Adding to the other-worldly charm of colonial kitchens is the liberal use of wood through beams (faux or exposed), cabinetry with a natural or stained finish, flooring or beadboard panelling. For authentic finishing touches, you can add in some lovely details like lantern-like light features, antique accessories, and tapware in brass and copperware.

Copper Pots for Colonial Style Kitchens

How to create your own colonial kitchen with Advanced Cabinetry

For ideas on the different ways you can bring a colonial kitchen design or your modern colonial kitchen ideas to life, come and chat to our expert team. As one of the most reputable kitchen designers and cabinetmakers in the Ballarat and Geelong regions, Advanced Cabinetry will ensure your customised kitchen satisfies your every need. Our design builds are masterfully crafted to meet your lifestyle and home design. From concept to construction, we will carefully consider your preferences, budget and other needs to deliver an outstanding result. Alluring, appealing and attractive, colonial kitchens make for a memorable choice in your home.

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