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Laundry Renovations Ballarat & Geelong

Western Victoria's Leading Custom Designed Laundry Cabinets

Whether your home is big or small, it never feels like you’ve got quite enough space. Especially when it comes to your laundry, maximizing every square foot can be the difference between a cluttered mess and a relaxing escape.

When they need a laundry renovation Ballarat and Geelong homeowners look to Advanced Cabinetry for organization solutions that are modern, functional, and stylish. With more than 20 years of residential cabinet design experience, we are the leading name for laundry renovations for all of Western Victoria.

No one likes to do laundry. But with a laundry designed by us, it can be a lot more fun. Call today and find out why!

Our Laundry Renovation Services Include:






Underfloor Ballarat Geelong

Underfloor Heating


Cabinet Installation Ballarat Geelong

Cabinetry Installation


Glazing (Glass/Mirror)

Painting Ballarat Geelong


Caulking Ballarat Geelong



First Conversation

Begin an exciting journey with an Advanced Cabinetry Designer to realise your dream laundry space. Expect a comprehensive understanding of your requirements, where each item on your wish list is taken into account to create a functional and attractive laundry area you’ll value for many years.

Meet With A Designer

Consultation with Designer & Builder

Commence your laundry renovation journey with a home visit from our designer and builder. They will develop a detailed project brief, assess the space, and discuss your specific needs, ensuring your laundry room is designed for maximum efficiency and style.

Renovations Drawings

Bathroom Drawings and Proposal

After the consultation, we will present you with detailed conceptual drawings, inclusive of a 3D video walkthrough and renders. You’ll receive an extensive proposal detailing the scope of works, which includes cabinetry, necessary trade work, and precise cost estimations.

Completed Laundry Renovation Process

Your New Laundry

Once the designs and agreements are finalised, witness the transformation of your laundry area. Our team of specialists will manage every facet of the renovation, ensuring a smooth process that results in the laundry room you’ve always envisioned.

Laundry Renovations Geelong & Ballarat

Functional & Stylish Laundries

After your kitchen, your laundry is probably one of the hardest working rooms in the house. So it needs to work well. That’s where we come in. Our in-house cabinet design team specializes in finding ergonomic storage solutions to create the most efficient use of your space possible.

But that’s not enough. A laundry needs to do more than just function. It should look good doing it. Advanced Cabinetry custom crafts every door, counter, and cabinet in any style you desire. Our professional designers work closely to create something beautiful that brings your dream to life and fits perfectly with your existing decor.

Previous Laundry Renovations

Laundry Renovations Geelong & Ballarat

3d Laundry Cabinetry Renders

One reason our customers love to work with Advanced Cabinetry is because we provide complete 3D renders for all laundry renovations in Ballarat and Geelong. Rather than a simple sketch or indecipherable blueprint, this render gives you a realistic representation of what your cabinets will look like before we even get started with installation.

You’ll get to see your new cabinets, in your space, from multiple angles. For some customers, it’s love at first sight. For others, the 3D render offers an opportunity to tweak the design until it’s just right. For everyone, it means peace of mind and a laundry renovation that gets done perfectly the first time around with no regrets.

3d Laundry Cabint Render Geelong Ballarat

Design Stage 3d Render

Completed Hamptons Laundry Renovation

Completed Project

3 benefits of using our turnkey service for your Laundry Renovation

Registered & Insured

All Cabinetry Styles

Design Consultants

Thinking about a Laundry Renovation Ballarat or Geelong? Book Your Design Consultation Today
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Common Laundry Renovation Questions

Advanced Cabinetry is a registered building practitioner with The Building Commission (Victoria), a statutory authority that oversees the building control system in Victoria. This ensures the safety, liveability and sustainability of our built environment. Registered building practitioners are qualified, knowledgeable, experienced and covered by appropriate and relevant insurance.

Registered Building Practitioner (CDB-L 51288)

Yes, at Advanced Cabinetry, we understand that different projects have different requirements. Apart from offering complete laundry renovations, including trade works, we also provide the service of designing, manufacturing, and supplying laundry cabinetry alone.

If you’re looking for just the cabinetry part of the renovation, we can certainly accommodate that. Our team is skilled in crafting high-quality, custom-designed laundry cabinets that meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether you are updating your existing laundry space or integrating new cabinetry into a different area, we can design and supply the perfect cabinetry solution for your home.

This flexibility allows you to choose the level of service that best fits your project, ensuring that you get exactly what you need for your laundry renovation.

Please use our Project Costs form for a quote on your Laundry cabinetry or renovation.

Yes, at Advanced Cabinetry, we uphold the highest standards of safety and quality in all our laundry renovation projects. Our team includes fully licensed and insured electricians and plumbers, ensuring that every aspect of your laundry renovation is handled by professionals.

Our electricians are skilled in managing all electrical components of laundry renovations. From installing energy-efficient lighting to setting up electrical appliances, they ensure that all electrical work is safe, efficient, and compliant with Australian standards.

Similarly, our plumbers are adept at handling the unique plumbing needs of laundry spaces, such as water supply and drainage for washing machines. They are knowledgeable in all aspects of laundry plumbing, ensuring that your renovation includes a functional and code-compliant plumbing system.

Both our electricians and plumbers are insured, providing an additional layer of security for your renovation. This means that in the rare event of an issue, you are protected from potential liabilities.

By choosing Advanced Cabinetry for your laundry renovation, you can have peace of mind knowing that our licensed and insured tradespeople will ensure the success of your project, focusing on safety and quality every step of the way.

Absolutely. When your laundry renovation with Advanced Cabinetry involves removing walls or making other structural changes, you are in the hands of capable and qualified professionals. As a registered builder, we offer comprehensive trade management services and possess the expertise required for such significant modifications.

Our team of seasoned professionals is adept at structural alterations, including wall removals, ensuring that your laundry renovation is conducted safely and in line with all relevant Australian building codes and regulations. We understand that optimising your laundry space might require reconfiguring the layout or making structural adjustments to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Choosing Advanced Cabinetry for your laundry renovation means entrusting your project to a team that will meticulously assess structural requirements, secure all necessary permits, and efficiently coordinate with tradespeople and services to complete the work effectively. Our aim is to flawlessly incorporate any structural changes into your laundry renovation, achieving a result that aligns with your design vision while maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality.

You can have complete confidence that any structural modifications in your laundry renovation will be expertly managed from commencement to completion, promising a successful and worry-free experience with Advanced Cabinetry.

At Advanced Cabinetry, we recognise that visualising your new laundry room is a crucial step in the renovation process. To support this, we offer comprehensive 3D renders for all our laundry renovations in Ballarat.

Instead of just providing basic sketches or complex blueprints, our 3D renders give you a realistic depiction of how your laundry cabinets, fixtures, and overall layout will appear in the actual space. These detailed renders allow you to view your new laundry room from various perspectives, enabling you to appreciate and examine every aspect of the design.

This means that before any physical work starts, you’ll have a clear and lifelike preview of your new laundry room. For many clients, the renders are an instant hit, perfectly capturing their vision for the space. Others value the chance to tweak and refine the design until it aligns exactly with their requirements.

Ultimately, our 3D rendering service offers peace of mind and ensures that your laundry renovation is completed to your satisfaction from the outset. It’s an invaluable tool for visualising and perfecting your design, guaranteeing that your renovated laundry room fulfils all your expectations.

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