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Kitchen Design & Renovation

Kitchen Design Services in Geelong & Ballarat

Our Kitchen Design Process

Once you’ve made the list of the must-haves for your new kitchen, established your budget and identified your motivation, the next step is kitchen design.
While you’ll certainly have plenty of ideas from magazines and the internet, the best recommendations and solutions for your design choices will come directly from your professional kitchen designer.
With collaborating with your experienced kitchen design consultant, you’ll consider and select the best choices for your kitchen space.

Our Kitchen Renovation Services Include:






Underfloor Ballarat Geelong

Underfloor Heating


Cabinet Installation Ballarat Geelong

Cabinetry Installation


Glazing (Glass/Mirror)

Painting Ballarat Geelong


Caulking Ballarat Geelong



First Conversation

When working with an Advanced Cabinetry Designer be expected to enjoy the journey & watch your Dream Kitchen come to life. You are planning the design of the most used room in your home, you want to ensure that you get it right.
Engaging an Advanced Cabinetry Designer will allow you to have all your wish list items considered in the design. The end result will be a very functional, beautiful space that you will enjoy for years to come.

Meet With A Designer

Meet With a Designer

The process begins when you meet with a designer, be that in the Showroom or your home.
The designer will ask questions for our Conceptual Design Service to develop your kitchen brief. From this point a kitchen concept will be created & plans drawn in 3D colour render so you can clearly see what your kitchen is starting to look like.

Cabinet Maker

Measurements & Detailed Drawings

On acceptance of your kitchen proposal a check measure will be carried out by one of the cabinet makers who will take all the required measurements needed to bring your kitchen to life.
Your kitchen will be drawn to detail, your contract will be prepared both ready for you to sign.
The process to this point could take as little as a few week’s or as long as several months. All of which depends on the speed you want to go & the stage of your project.

Production Time!

Production Time!

Once your plans & contract have been signed your kitchen moves into production, this is where the magic happens & it really starts to come to life. The general lead-time for your cabinetry to be installed is between 6 – 12 weeks depending on the materials you have selected.

On completion of the cabinetry installation you are contacted by the Production Manager to certify that the job is complete. Dinner party can now be had to show off to your friends & family.

Our 3D Kitchen Design Walkthrough

Advanced Cabinetry Conceptual Design Service

Advanced Cabinetry offers Conceptual Design services to transform your new Kitchen or Cabinetry with bespoke planning, layout & style advice.
Our Design experts will work with you to create a Kitchen that’s unique.
This involves meeting with you to discuss your family needs and your wish list to conceptualise your project in a visual & budget perspective.
Cost: $150.00 inc. GST within our service location (subsequent rooms $50).
This payment will form part of your deposit if you place an order with Advanced Cabinetry.

Download Our Conceptual Design Service Brochure

Download a copy of our Conceptual Design Service brochure and learn how our design process can benefit your new kitchen or renovation project.

Conceptual Kitchen Design Brochure

1. In-Home or In-Showroom Consultation

  • Develop a clearly defined Brief of your Project, by determining practical design requirements, discussing aesthetic and style preferences, project budget and proposed timeframe.
  • Undertake a review of the current layout and provide suggestions for improved functionality.
  • Room dimensions gathered, with consideration to any proposed wall modifications.
  • Review of services location, electrical and plumbing.
  • Provide advice on Appliance selections.
  • Discuss Flooring options and implications.
Advanced Cabinetry Kitchen Design Geelong

2. Conceptual Drawings

  • Showroom presentation of initial concept design drawings based upon design brief.
  • Showroom presentation of 1 x 3D video walkthrough of the room.

3. Proposal

  • Provide a clear & precise scope of works outlining all materials, finishes & cabinetry included.
  • Provide an accurate quotation outlining all associated cabinetry & installation cost in accordance with budget discussions.
Kitchen Floorplans Geelong Ballarat

Your Peace of Mind Matters.

Our promise to you, if you’re not completely satisfied with your concept we will provide a revision at no extra cost.

Enquire About Our Design Service

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3 benefits of using Advanced Cabinetry for your Kitchen Design

3D Concepts & Walkthroughs

Your Kitchen, Your Way

Be Inspired By Our Designers

Common Kitchen Renovation Questions

Advanced Cabinetry is a registered building practitioner with The Building Commission (Victoria), which oversees building control in Victoria, ensuring safety, liveability, and sustainability. As registered practitioners, our team is qualified, experienced, and backed by appropriate insurance, crucial for kitchen renovations. (Registered Building Practitioner CDB-L 51288).

Yes, Advanced Cabinetry provides a range of services for kitchen renovations. While we are experts in complete kitchen renovations, including all trade works, we also offer custom design, manufacturing, and supply of kitchen cabinetry.

If your project requires only cabinetry, we can design and supply high-quality, custom kitchen cabinets that meet your style and functional needs. Our flexibility allows you to choose the level of service that suits your kitchen renovation, ensuring you get exactly what you need.

Please use our Project Costs form for a quote on your kitchen renovation or cabinetry .

Yes, at Advanced Cabinetry, we ensure that all electricians and plumbers involved in our kitchen renovations are fully licensed and insured. This is a critical aspect of our commitment to safety and professionalism.

Our electricians are experts in kitchen-specific electrical work. They handle everything from installing sophisticated lighting systems to setting up safe electrical circuits for appliances. Adherence to safety standards is a top priority, and their work is always compliant with the latest regulations. The insurance coverage they carry adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind for our clients.

Similarly, our plumbers play a vital role in the renovation process. They are proficient in installing and connecting kitchen plumbing fixtures like sinks and dishwashers. Their work is not only about technical skill but also about ensuring compliance with local plumbing codes and standards. The insurance they carry protects against any unforeseen issues, ensuring a smooth and secure renovation process.

When you choose Advanced Cabinetry for your kitchen renovation, you can be confident that you are working with licensed and insured professionals, guaranteeing a safe, compliant, and high-quality renovation experience.

For kitchen renovations, Advanced Cabinetry uses high-quality waterproofing systems to ensure durability and integrity. We choose the best materials and techniques suitable for kitchen environments, ensuring long-lasting protection against moisture and water damage. Our commitment to quality materials guarantees your kitchen’s longevity and aesthetic appeal.

If your Ballarat or Geelong kitchen renovation with Advanced Cabinetry requires structural changes or wall removal, you’re in expert hands. We are a registered builder, capable of handling significant modifications. Our experienced team ensures safe execution in compliance with building codes. We manage the entire process, from assessing structural implications to obtaining permits and coordinating trades, integrating these changes seamlessly into your kitchen renovation.

At Advanced Cabinetry, we offer 3D renders for all kitchen renovations in Ballarat & Geelong. Unlike simple sketches or blueprints, our 3D renders give a realistic view of your new kitchen, showing cabinets, fixtures, and layout in your space.

This allows you to preview and adjust your kitchen design before installation, ensuring your new kitchen matches your vision. Our 3D render service provides peace of mind and confidence that your kitchen renovation will meet your expectations.

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