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New Kitchen Process

At Advanced Cabinetry, we like to include you in the whole kitchen design process. This allows us to get to know you and your personality, so that we can craft a kitchen to suit your design tastes and functional style. There is no short cut to quality; our transparent process will assure you that you are dealing with the best in new kitchen design, quality and value for money.

We involve you in every step of designing your new kitchen so there are no surprises!

The following list explains the process you’ll go through when engaging Advanced Cabinetry to design, build and install your new dream kitchen:

Kitchen Research
Look for ideas online and complete the Advanced Cabinetry Kitchen Planning Guide, including the sections on designs, styles, appliances and budgets. Download your free copy of our Kitchen Planning Guide.

Kitchen Design Appointment
Visit our award winning showroom to discuss your needs with our experienced designers. A simplified style range will help you develop your ideas into the finished product that you’re looking for. Book in for your free Kitchen Design Appointment.

We will provide you with a complete written proposal, detailing every aspect of what you are getting for your new kitchen project. Request a Free Kitchen Proposal and Quote.

Request to proceed
A request to proceed form is signed by you allowing the final kitchen design to be completed.

We will make sure that you haveread, signed-off and accepted the final design, proposal & contract

We will invoice you for an initial deposit. There are no surprises here, full deposit details are included in your contract

Schedule job
The job is placed in our schedule to begin the manufacturing process. Your new kitchen will be crafted by our skilled team of qualified cabinetmakers.

Detailing and Machine Design
Your job is detailed using state of the art software that links to machinery on the factory floor.

Materials for your job are ordered. We only use the finest quality materials that are sure to last. Your 2nd progress invoice is sent at this stage of your project.

Your new kitchen starts to take physical form here. Using the latest in manufacturing machinery, your kitchen is initially machined using a flatbed router, where the parts of your cabinetry are cut and provisions for shelving, hinges and drawers are made. From there, parts are edged using ABS protective edging.

Our team of qualified assemblers will piece together your new kitchen, ensuring the highest quality is maintained.

Quality Assurance
Our floor manager will thoroughly inspect your new kitchen before it leaves the manufacturing floor.

When your new kitchen is ready to be installed we will work with you to schedule an appropriate time for the installation of your new cabinetry. Your 3rd progress invoice is sent at this stage of the project

Installation of your new kitchen is done by qualified professionals. This will ensure that you are happy with the finished product which is sure to become the masterpiece of you home.

On completion of installation we will carry out an official handover of the cabinetry from Advanced Cabinetry to you. Ensuring that you are completely happy with your new cabinetry.

Once your kitchen is installed and you are happy, a final invoice will be sent to you for payment. Once again, there are no surprises here, full cost details are included in your contract

Customer Support
Your kitchen installation and final payment is not the end, but the beginning of many happy memories in your new kitchen. To help you enjoy your new kitchen, you can register for warranties and support in our customer care section of the Advanced Cabinetry website.

Download your free kitchen planner, fill out the details and then book an appointment.

Free Kitchen Planner

Visit showroom

Visit our kitchen showroom and get inspired by our country kitchens on display and open to the public

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