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5 Stunning Pendant Lights For A Hamptons Kitchen

5 Stunning Pendant Lights for a Hamptons Kitchen

Lighting can make or break a space. Along with having a practical purpose, the right lighting choice can transform a room’s ambience and act as a design talking point.

When it comes to a Hampton style kitchen, you can’t go past the sensational range of hampton style pendant lights on offer. Suspended from the ceiling by either a wire, cord, rod, chain or pole – and typically placed above the island bench – these stylish light fixtures are a perfect addition to any Hamptons kitchen.

You’ll have a fabulous time ogling at the abundant range of colours, designs and materials in the fascinating world of pendant lighting. The best thing, there’s something for every style and budget.

 To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular hampton style pendant lights:

Luxury Rectangular 3 Light Pendant Chandelier
Luxury Rectangular 3 Light Pendant Chandelier

1. Luxury pendant chandelier

The variety in this style of pendant is mind boggling. Go for a modern sculptural look with contrasting textures  to add sophistication and warmth to your kitchen. Alternatively, if it’s important for your lighting to have dramatic effect, why not try the rectangular version with tinkly lights and multiple cords?

American Opulence Soft Brass & Glass Bar Pendant
American Opulence Soft Brass & Glass Bar Pendant

2. Brass and glass pendant

The unlikely pairing of metal with glass has become a much loved feature of the Hampton style kitchen. Bright, uplifting and elegant, brass and glass pendants will lift the appeal of any kitchen. Again here, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Whether you have a modern or traditional space, these little beauties come in a dizzying array of shapes and sizes.

Old World Manhattan 4 Light Pendant
Old World Manhattan 4 Light Pendant

3. Old world lighting

This kind of pendant style refers to a romantic aesthetic. Delivering a hefty dose of charm from a by-gone era, old world lighting can create the focal point you’re looking for. From ornate metal framing to designs that meld modern materials, this can be a great choice for kitchen refurbs and renovations.

Sleek Transitional Style Pendant
Sleek Transitional Style Pendant

4. Transitional style pendants

Referencing a design look that combines classic with contemporary, traditional style pendants are ever versatile. Available in a range of intriguing shapes and boasting beautiful finishes, this is a natural choice if you like lighting that will stand the test of time. A traditional style pendant will lend your kitchen a sense of heritage, while giving it a fresh and unique look.

Traditional Glass Float Lamp
Traditional Glass Float Lamp

5. Vintage industrial pendants

Inspired by the raw and unfinished nature of factories and industrial spaces, this style has taken pendant lighting by storm. Prioritising functionality and simplicity, vintage industrial pendants are increasingly popular in Hamptons kitchens. If you have a spacious kitchen with a lofty ceiling, you can settle for an oversized light in porcelain enamel.

For fabulous ideas on Hampton style pendant lights, check out the great range at Lighting Collective:


To view our completed Hamptons kitchens , view our gallery here:

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