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7 Must-Haves For A Hampton Style Kitchen

7 Must-Haves for a Hampton Style Kitchen

If you believe you have be in the ranks of the uber rich to own a Hampton style kitchen, think again.

Its casual yet elegant coastal vibe has made it a popular choice in many Australian kitchens, modern and traditional.

Capturing the spirit of Australia’s beach lifestyle, the Hamptons kitchen is timeless, enduring and gorgeous. Inspired by the holiday homes of the rich and famous in The Hamptons in Long Island, New York state, this style of kitchen has come to represent the ultimate in refined living.

So what are the essential traits of a Hamptons kitchen?

White Hamptons Kitchen by Advanced Cabinetry

1. Plenty of white

When designing an authentic Hampton style kitchen, choosing the leading colour is a no-brainer. With its light, reflective character, white works best to evoke the uplifting feeling of an endless summer by the sea. Apply generously across cabinetry, kitchen sinks, lighting and benchtops. A variation which works beautifully for an airy, bright ambience, is to use highlights in a neutral or pastel palette, say in silver or blue.

Anzac Style Float Lamp
Anzac Style Float Lamp by Lighting Collective

2. Oversized, chunky lighting

No Hamptons kitchen would be complete without this signature touch. Traditionally used to add drama to kitchens with high ceilings, oversized pendant lights have become a fixture (so to speak), in this type of kitchen. When it comes to hamptons pendant lights, you’re spoilt for choice. The selection includes cloth, glass, nautical-themed and more.

Shaker Cabinet Doors by Farmers Doors
Shaker Cabinet Doors by Farmers Doors

3. Shaker cabinetry

Wooden shaker cabinets are an essential element of any Hampton style kitchen. Named after the Shakers group in New England, this style leans towards function and a minimalist aesthetic. In particular, the cabinetry is distinctive for its recessed panel doors. With its solid, traditional lines and no-nonsense approach, Shaker cabinetry lends a distinctive air to the Hampton style kitchen. For a more modern touch, opt for glass frontage.

The Advanced Cabinetry Hamptons Display Kitchen in Ballarat
The Advanced Cabinetry Hamptons Display Kitchen in Ballarat

4. Play with contrasts

To offset the liberal use of white and create points of interest, consider experimenting with colour and textural contrasts. A clever way of creating warm tones is to have a dark wooden floor or chairs in wood, cane or bamboo. It’s also easy to factor in contrasts through your choice of accessories (think cane baskets, quirky vintage finds or nautical memorabilia).

Hamptons Large Island Bench

5. Island benchtops

Island benchtops are a firm favourite in the Hamptons kitchen, as they accentuate the sense of space and comfort. Interestingly, fans of the Hampton style don’t necessarily agree on what kind of benchtop works best. Traditionally, marble was the material of choice given its natural, sophisticated quality. But solid hardwood wooden benchtops and engineered stones such as the widely available Caesarstone range work just as well, and are more affordable options.

Hamptons Style Tiled Splashback

6. A tile or marble splashback

The unassuming splashback panel can easily be transformed into an eye-turning design piece to complete the look of your Hampton style kitchen. The go-to options include a marble splashback or classic ceramic subway style tiles, which come in a sensational range of colours and shapes. Learn more about Hamptons Kitchen Tiles.

Butler's Kitchen Sink

7. The Butler’s kitchen sink

A classic touch, the Butler’s kitchen sink is rectangular in shape and made with solid white ceramic with a rounded rim. It works beautifully in a Hampton style kitchen, not just in terms of colour but also for its clean lines and functionality. For an intriguing twist in your kitchen, use ornate antique tapware.

Historically, this distinctive sink harks back to the Victorian days. Back then, the sink’s wide design and lack of weir overflow fitting served the important purpose of conserving water at a time when London had a limited water supply.

To view our completed Hamptons kitchen, view our Hamptons gallery here.

To find out how much your Hamptons kitchen will cost, click here.

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