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Corian Silica-Free Benchtops – Corian Accredited Kitchen Designers

Corian Silica-Free Benchtops – Corian Accredited Kitchen Designers

Since early 2023, Australian lawmakers have been working towards implementing a ban on silica-based products that have been linked to silicosis, a deadly lung disease. Chief among these products is engineered stone, which is commonly used in kitchen benchtops.

Australia’s ban would be the first of its kind in the world, and has many kitchen designers and homeowners alike looking for safe, effective silica-free benchtop materials. Advanced Cabinetry has served Ballarat and Geelong since 1999, and we are one of the only registered builders in the region with in-house kitchen designers and accreditation to use Corian products, a household name in silica-free materials.

Let’s take a closer look at how we are helping homeowners, installers and manufacturers avoid the dangers of silicosis.



Corian Silica-Free Benchtops - Corian Accredited Kitchen Designers Silicosis



What causes silicosis?

Silicosis is an incurable lung disease that is acquired over time by inhaling silica dust: very small particles of crystalline silica. When it comes to benchtops, workers are typically exposed to silica dust during the manufacturing process. Materials such as engineered stone and quartz contain silica, which is released into the air during dry cutting.

It’s important to note that silica dust isn’t released from already installed benchtops. So if you currently have a kitchen with silica-based materials, there is no emergency to replace them as soon as you can. The biggest threat is to tradies like manufacturers and installers, which is why Safe Work Australia is leading the charge to eliminate exposure to silica dust.


Silica is an occupational hazard for people who do sandblasting or work with products that contain powdered crystalline silica. Amorphous silica, such as fumed silica, may cause irreversible lung damage in some cases – Wikipedia


Corian Accredited Kitchen Designers Victoria


What benchtops don’t cause silicosis?

Engineered stone can be made from as much as 97% silica. While processes like wet-cutting can reduce the release of silica dust, many homeowners are still interested in using silica-free or low silica alternatives for their kitchen benchtops.

The list below isn’t exhaustive, but it does highlight some of the most popular choices available.


Silica Benchtops


Low silica benchtop alternatives

Marble is the essence of luxury when it comes to your kitchen, and it only contains about 2% silica. While marble is an expensive alternative, it provides a sophisticated look and a lifetime of durability.

Porcelain contains less than 4% silica and provides a durable surface that resists heat, stains and scratches. Our porcelain benchtops can also be designed to mimic the vein patterns that are popular in marble.


Low Silica Kitchen Benchtops Victoria 2




Silica-free benchtop alternatives

Timber. Timber provides a natural surface to prep food on that can bring your kitchen to life. It does require a bit more maintenance than other materials, but many homeowners love the old-fashioned aesthetic and woodsy colours of timber benchtops.

Laminate. Laminate has remained popular over the years because it is an affordable, versatile benchtop material. It can be coloured and textured to fit whatever kitchen aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

Solid Surface. Solid surface is a manufactured product made from a mixture of pigments, resins and natural minerals. It can be formed to almost any shape and is virtually seamless, making it ideal for kitchen benchtops. One of our favorites solid surface materials to work with is Corian.


Timber Benchtop Victoria


What is Corian Solid Surface?

Corian Solid Surface is a leading solid surface product, and one of our top recommendations for silica-free benchtops. Commonly referred to as just Corian, it is formulated of natural minerals and an acrylic resin binder. Therefore, unlike granite and quartz, Corian doesn’t release silica dust into the air during cutting.



Corian is a brand of solid surface material created by DuPont. Its primary use is as a countertop, benchtop surface, wash basin, wall panel, temples for home etc. – DuPont


Corian Solid Surface


Is Corian 100% acrylic?

No, Corian is a made of 1/3 acrylic binder and 2/3 natural minerals (Bauxite), which makes it the ideal choice for silica free benchtops. Corian is actually the original solid surface material, invented by the DuPont Company in 1967. The company marketed Corian as an ideal surface for kitchen and bath design for some of the following reasons:

Thermoformable. Corian becomes very flexible when it is heated up, which means it can be shaped into almost any form. This makes traditional kitchen benchtop design a breeze while also opening up limitless possibilities for modern artistic looks.


Thermoformable Corian


Versatile Colours. The versatility of Corian benchtops doesn’t end at their shape. Because it is a manufactured material, Corian can achieve a very wide range of colours. Seamless solid tones can fit a modern aesthetic—while stoney grays, whites and blacks with marble-like veins can create a more natural look.


Corian Colours


Non-porous. Corian will not absorb liquids through its surface. Contrast this to a more porous material like timber and you can see why Corian benchtops are easier to clean and maintain. Non-porous materials are also more germ-resistant because there are less nooks for microscopic organisms to gather in.


non porous solid corian benchtop


Easily Repaired. If your Corian counter gets chipped, it is fairly straightforward to repair by cutting a matching piece, attaching it with adhesive and buffing out the imperfections. When done correctly, it will be almost impossible to notice that there was a break at all.

Affordable. Corian is often compared to quartz in terms of performance. Both are heat resistant, non-porous and versatile. But after factoring costs of manufacturing and installation, Corian is slightly more affordable, costing about $100 less per square metre at the highest end.


corian solid benchtop repairs victoria


Does Corian have silica? Does Corian cause silicosis?

No and no!

Corian is 100% silica free. Therefore, it does not release silica dust during the manufacturing process or installation. It is one of the most ethical choices for benchtop materials if you want to ensure that your kitchen isn’t contributing to silicosis among Australian tradies.

Many people compare silica to asbestos. In the 1970s, asbestos use around the world reached an all-time high, but more and more research was linking it to deadly health outcomes. Today, asbestos is banned or heavily regulated in most developed countries. Many predict that silica will one day follow the same path, and materials like Corian will pave the way as safe alternatives.

zero silica corian benchtops


Is Corian environmentally friendly?

Using Corian doesn’t just help protect Australian tradies from silicosis. It also helps protect the environment and eliminate unnecessary waste due to the company’s commitment to promoting a circular economy. In a circular economy, materials that are traditionally seen as waste are instead reused and returned back into the economy. Here’s how Corian is doing its part:

  • Corian Solid Surface is composed of 5 – 20% recycled materials.
  • All Corian plants have been running at zero landfill status since 2012.
  • Unused Corian scraps from manufacturing are either reused in the plant or used for construction of roadways as a base material.
  • The environmental management systems at all Corian plants are ISO 14001 certified.

Corian is also officially Red List Free. The Red List is an ever-evolving collection of chemicals and other materials that the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) has categorised as dangerous to the health of the planet and the people who live in it.

Items on the Red List “pose serious risks” to the ecosystem, according to the ILFI, so prioritising their removal from use will cause the largest positive impact on world health. As a Red List Free product, Corian is certified to be completely free of all elements on the list.


Environmentally Friendly


Why hire a Corian accredited kitchen designer?

Advanced Cabinetry is one of the few Corian accredited kitchen designers in the Ballarat and Geelong Regions. Our team members undertake rigorous training and credentialing in order to become masters of working with Corian.

In fact, Corian is only permitted to be installed by accredited builders. This helps maintain the quality of the product so that homeowners can be sure they are getting the best possible performance out of their Corian benchtops.

Here are a few of the reasons you want to choose a certified designer:

  • 10-Year Limited Warranty, backed by DuPont, on all Corian products installed by certified builders.
  • Limitless Possibilities. Corian accreditation includes training in the latest colour combinations, aesthetic choices and more. Your Corian certified designer will be able to craft the kitchen of your dreams.
  • Professional Installation. Our team is trained in every aspect of fabrication, fitting and finishing when it comes to Corian. This allows us to do things with Corian that just can’t be done with less versatile materials, like timber.


Corian Accredited 2




Call Advanced Cabinetry for professional, accredited Corian benchtop installation and kitchen design!

If you’ve got a new kitchen build or kitchen renovation on your to-do list, you can’t ignore the growing science about the dangers of silica. To protect Australian builders and manufacturers, homeowners are leaning towards low or no silica materials for their kitchen benchtops.

Corian Solid Surface is a first-of-its-kind, silica free material. It can be used to create almost any benchtop you can dream of, and Advanced Cabinetry has the experience and expertise to get the job done right.

Contact us today to learn more about how Corian silica free benchtops can play an integral role in your new kitchen design.

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