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Kitchen Essentials – What Do I Need For My New Kitchen?

Kitchen Essentials – What do I need for my new kitchen?

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. Since you spend a lot of time in it, you might as well choose functional and well-designed kitchen equipment to make your life easier. The quantity and quality of kitchen tools determine the convenience of working in the kitchen. But one thing is certain – no kitchen is complete without these items.

Have you been asking yourself what do I need for my new kitchen? Then you’re in the right place. Advanced Cabinetry custom kitchen experts will guide you through all the kitchen essentials you absolutely need in your newly built space!


Kitchen Essentials - What Do I Need For My New Kitchen 2


What do I need for my new kitchen?

Have you dreamed of a kitchen with beautiful furniture, and matching appliances and accessories to match? Such a setting can give you a powerful kick start to your day and would be perfect for relaxing after a hard day at work. You will be able to chat comfortably with your family, prepare delicious meals, or heat up a pizza for a movie night.

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? If so, you should make sure you think of all the essential components of this room and choose them carefully. This is the ideal opportunity to optimise your kitchen so that it contains all the essential tools for its proper functioning while matching the rest of the furniture.

Find out how to equip your kitchen so you have all the essentials for cooking, frying, baking, serving, storing, and even washing. This guide gives you a list of kitchen essentials that will give you a perfect base to settle into your new place.



The First Step To Cooking Properly Is Having The Right Cooking Equipment – Gordon Ramsay


Kitchen Essentials 2


Essential kitchen appliances

When it comes to designing kitchens, appliances are naturally part of the equation. In this technological era, it seems impossible to go without these electronic helpers that make our lives so much easier.

A set of basic kitchen appliances is often built-in, especially for custom kitchens.

These can be of different sizes and power levels, depending on the number of people living in the home and their particular lifestyles. It doesn’t make sense to buy a large fridge or dishwasher if there is only a single person living in the flat, especially if they tend to be away from home most of the time.

A dishwasher that’s too small for a family, on the other hand, could result in having to set it up several times a day, and will end up doubling your electricity consumption.



Kitchen Essentials 4



A fridge is the ultimate equipment for any kitchen. It may have one or two cooling units, a shaped shelf for bottles, or a dispenser for ice and cold drinks. It can be displayed in a prominent position, or integrated and hidden in the cabinetry.

Every year, manufacturers improve their models with additional features and qualities. But no matter the type of fridge or freezer you choose, one thing is for sure: your house won’t be a home without it.



Kitchen Essentials - Fridge




If you don’t feel like doing the washing up by hand, it’s essential to install a dishwasher in your kitchen. Compact dishwashers are available in built-in and freestanding versions.

They can be freestanding and fit beneath the benchtop, or, like the fridge, integrated to look like part of the kitchen cabinets. Dishwashers also come in different widths. These not only determine the space they take up in your kitchen, but also their storage capacity.



Kitchen Essentials - Dishwasher




When choosing an oven, you first must decide whether it will be installed as a free-standing or built-in appliance.

Each oven also has a different set of programs. The number and types of programs should be selected according to the frequency with which you use them, as well as your culinary preferences. The arrangement of heaters will determine the quality of the meals.



Kitchen Essentials - Oven




A microwave is not only useful for quickly reheating a ready meal or last night’s dinner, but also for speeding up the defrosting of meat. More advanced microwave ovens can do much more, such as roasting and even steaming.

Choose your microwave according to your oven. if you wish to keep your good old microwave in your new kitchen, you can hide it by incorporating it into the cabinetry.


Kitchen Essentials - Microwave



Coffee machine

For the less demanding Sunday coffee drinkers, a simple pour-over machine may be the right solution. However, If you prefer mainly milk drinks, (i.e. the popular latte or cappuccino with froth), getting an automatic machine with a milk system could be a great option.

But, if you prefer the taste of fine espresso, then it’s time to think about investing in a pressure machine. You can then proudly display it on the countertop.


Kitchen Essentials - Coffee Machine


Toaster and grilling system

Most of us associate toasters and waffle makers with a Sunday breakfast when we can prepare a warm and crunchy bread without any hurry. In actuality, the toaster can be used at any hour, every day of the week.

Bigger grills are equally powerful appliances, and are, additionally, equipped with a meat frying function. Due to their practicality and affordable prices, these gadgets have become essential pieces of kitchen equipment.


Kitchen Essentials - Toaster and Griller




We reach for the kettle every day to pour green tea leaves, brew an aromatic herbal infusion, or prepare our morning coffee. It is therefore considered as an essential part of your kitchen.

The modern electric kettle is economical, quiet, convenient and above all, matches your kitchen décor. You can choose to make the kettle stand out from all the appliances, or blend discreetly into the background.


Kitchen Essentials - Kettle


Food Processor

An electric food processor is an extremely useful kitchen appliance that combines the functions of several different appliances. Most models available are capable of almost anything, like:

  • Chopping
  • Mincing
  • Slicing
  • Mixing
  • Mashing
  • Whipping

Depending on the model and size, the food processor can be either permanently placed on the counter, or stored in a cupboard and taken out for every use.



Kitchen Essentials -Cooker


Essential kitchenware

As with crockery, kitchen utensils come in many models and materials, such as:

  • Glass
  • Bamboo
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Granite
  • Ceramic

Depending on the look of your new kitchen, some finishes will be more fitting than others. If you have decided to replace your kitchen utensils as part of your renovation, it may be a good idea to choose a uniform collection. You can also play with contrasts and decorate your recently finished custom kitchen with a unique artistic bent.


Kitchen Essentials - Kitchenware



A kitchen without pots is like a garden without flowers. They are the unquestioned foundation for preparing a variety of meals for the whole family. Instead of buying individual pots, it’s best to opt for a whole set of pots with different capacities from the beginning.

Keep them in the same style, especially if they’re going to be hung on the wall. But if your old pots are still perfectly usable, you can put them in a cupboard and continue to use them in the new setting.


Kitchen Essentials - Pots



Even if you’re not much of a cook, you need at least one universal pan to be able to prepare basic dishes. You might only need one large pan to begin with, but as time goes by, it will be worth buying a full set of pans of different sizes and purposes to make your cooking faster and easier.


Kitchen Essentials - Pans



Ovenware will allow you not only to prepare festive dishes but also everyday lunches.

How else are you going to prepare roast chicken legs, lasagne, salmon, potato fritters, or even reheat your pizza?

It’s a good idea to start with a handy ovenproof glass fitted with a lid. This will allow you to bake, roast and stew a variety of dishes, involving ingredients such as:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Pasta
  • Cheese

You can also opt for a ceramic version, usually without a lid. In these baking tins, you can not only make delicious casseroles, but you can even bake cakes and bread.


Kitchen Essentials - Ovenware



They differ in shape, size and the material they are made of. However, they have the same task – to thoroughly cut, whisk, or mash, a given product. The most important thing is that the work goes smoothly and no lumps remain. For this purpose, it is worth considering buying a whisk which will be comfortable to hold. Whisks with little balls in them are also a good option, as they speed up the whisking process.


Kitchen Essentials - Electric Whisks



These tools make peeling fruit and vegetables much quicker. They are comfortable and handy. The profiled blades easily access corners and hard-to-reach places. Just like vegetable sharpeners, they allow you to prepare healthy meals in a quick and easy way without any risk of injury.


Kitchen Essentials - Peelers


Measuring devices

A keen eye and an alert hand can be of great help in cooking and baking, but precision is ensured by special measuring devices, which are handy and take up very little space.


Kitchen Essentials - Measuring Cups



These handy gadgets are used for straining, rinsing, and draining water from many dishes. Small potholders can also help to pour the water off from the pot. A silicone model that can be folded flat will certainly be ideal for storage.


Kitchen Essentials - Strainers


Cutting boards

A cutting board is a kitchen utensil that is found in every kitchen. You use it to cut, chop, crush or smash all types of ingredients. These now come in a variety of designs and sizes, so you can find the perfect match for your new kitchen.


Kitchen Essentials - Cutting Boards


Baking trays

Moulds for baking various types of cakes are an essential element in the kitchen of every baking enthusiast. Special trays for baking cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, and other sweets will come in handy during festive seasons.

You can find different kinds of baking trays, made of sheet metal, stainless steel, ceramics, silicone and glass.


Kitchen Essentials - Baking Trays

Waste recycling bins

The growing environmental awareness of Australians means more and more people are paying attention to waste sorting. Thanks to the use of modern solutions and accessories, separating waste and recycling is easy and efficient. And, most importantly, it does not take place at the expense of kitchen space.



Kitchen Essentials - Waste Bins


Paper towel racks

Every kitchen needs paper towel for:

  • Wiping hands
  • Drying plates
  • Cleaning countertops
  • Draining food after frying

And since a towel always needs to be within reach, manufacturers offer a range of interesting kitchen towel racks. You can also go for hangers, or even fit the holder into a railing system.


Kitchen Essentials - Paper Tower Racks


Bottle holders

 If you are a gourmet and always want to have a few bottles of wine at home, all you need to do is equip your kitchen with a bottle rack or hanger. You can select the number of compartments and the arrangement of the bottles individually.

Shelves, racks, and wine hangers are accessories that highlight and organise any bottles in the kitchen space. They will be an interesting decoration item, and make it easier for you to check on your collection.


Kitchen Essentials - Bottle Holders 2


Storage methods for essential kitchen accessories

Every kitchen includes essentials and useful gadgets that can be displayed on the worktop, or kept in a handy drawer close to the cooking area.

Kitchen utensils made of steel can be hung on a magnetic strip above the kitchen worktop. Hangers and rails are also good storage options for accessories with handles.

One of the most popular ways to store kitchen accessories and utensils is with racks placed on the kitchen counter or inside of a drawer. How fast do you want to access them, or how exposed do you want them to be? Answer these questions to find the perfect storage option for your kitchen essentials.


Kitchen Essentials - Storage 2


Time to gather your kitchen essentials with Advanced Cabinetry!

A variety of  kitchen styles, innovative technologies and energy-saving solutions go hand in hand with striking designs and innovative ideas. Are you looking for such a combo in your custom kitchen? Then get in touch with Advanced Cabinetry and we’ll help you select the most suitable kitchen essentials for your home!


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