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Simple Guide To A Minimalist Kitchen

Simple Guide to a Minimalist Kitchen

A Minimalist Kitchen is pretty much the concept of decluttering, tidying and organising which is a worldwide phenomenon that’s sweeping the world, thanks to the likes of Marie Kondo and others. “Ask yourself if it sparks joy” is the ethos that lies at the heart of this movement.

When it comes to minimalist interior design in kitchens, many of the ‘less is more’ principles apply. The great news is, keeping things simple evokes a sense of serenity, sophistication and spaciousness and can apply equally to a small space, or a larger one.

Minimalist kitchens are essentially timeless. They allow owners to inject splashes of colour and personality, in the same way an artist would paint on a blank canvas.

Minimalist Kitchen

So what is a minimalist kitchen?

Minimalist Kitchen Design is often thought to be cold or impersonal. Nothing could be further from the truth. A minimalist interior kitchen can be created from the outside in, to be warm and inviting, a place where friends and family will want to linger.

Typically, this design style embraces ample light, clean lines, functionality and the beauty of space for its own sake. Decor wise, there’s a definite cap on clutter.

Bright Minimalist Kitchen

The Minimalist Kitchen is as much of an art form as it is a practical cooking philosophy. From paring down your tools and ingredients, to building a successful pantry, to using efficient cooking techniques – Melissa Coleman, author of the Minimalist Kitchen

Let’s take a closer look at some of our favourite minimalist kitchen tips:

Lean into a monochromatic colour palette

In a smallish kitchen (or any kitchen, for that matter) you can’t go wrong with classic all white to create a sense of light and space. White is paired beautifully with natural wood to achieve a stunning effect. You can also opt for any neutral colour from the same family to get the same effect, such as black, charcoal or navy. For a more dramatic contrast, black and white works a treat.

Natural Wood Minimalist Kitchen

Pare things down

Keeping things streamlined is not only visually appealing, but allows you to be more organised in the kitchen. There’s nothing worse than settling down to cook only to discover everything’s in a mess! Handle-less drawers, a minimalist kitchen pantry, hidden storage in cupboards and drawers, and a clutter-free island benchtop are just some fantastic examples of how to stick to your guns for a minimalist interior design.

Clutter-free Minimalist Kitchen

Make way for marble

There’s something timeless about marble. For a cool, clean look, this stone is a natural fit for any minimalist kitchen. Go all the way with a marble benchtop, or integrate it in more restrained ways with marble finishes or tiles.

Marble Minimalist Kitchen

Introduce bold accents if your heart desires

 Just because we’re going for a no-fuss look, doesn’t mean things can’t be intriguing. In fact, a minimalist kitchen offers the perfect excuse to make a statement. This can happen in a number of ways from unusual floor tiling and hints of greenery, to exquisitely shaped bowls carefully displayed on open shelving. A subtle kitchen can also be used to shine the spotlight on an adjoining flow-on room – or a feature item nearby such as an arresting piece of art or a singular pendant light. Painting one or two pieces of cabinetry in vivid colour can also act as a fantastic highlight, while keeping true to the minimalist style.

Minimalist Kitchen With Art

Prioritise empty space

If you’ve got your heart set on minimalist interior design, make sure not to fill things up with storage, shelving or decor. Paying homage to space is the name of the game here. Not only will this bring a soothing quality to any kitchen, it’ll also make it easier to navigate the space and prepare meals in an organised way. An empty space – known as a negative space in the world of interior design – allows for other objects, furniture or elements to take a starring role.

Hidden Storage Minimalist Kitchen

Streamline the sink

 The kitchen sink might not seem like an obvious feature of minimalist design. But it’s worth making the effort to create a minimalist kitchen sink for overall standout design. Micro or bevel edges will help deliver a seamless look, along with sleek chrome tap options. To take things to another level, check out the range of modern hidden sinks and hidden taps on offer. Pretty much everything can be hidden away.

Hidden Kitchen Sink Minimalist Kitchen

Use less, buy less

 Don’t be tempted to fill up your kitchen with the latest cool appliances and gadget – trust us, you probably won’t need them. If you do wish to buy something, think long and hard about how much use you’re going to get from this purchase. We tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so it can quickly accumulate stuff. Prioritise the essentials and go Zen style. Try and buy only the amount of food you need to avoid things getting cluttered in the fridge or on the countertops. You’d be amazed how much food we waste.

Zen Style Minimalist Kitchen

Weigh up every item you already own

Of all the minimalist kitchen tips out there, this one is perhaps the simplest. Keep your counter as clear and uncluttered as possible. This means tidying up as you go, and putting things away after you’ve used them. Know where items belong. Make some hard decisions about what you actually need. Frequently used appliances can stay on countertops, but be discerning. Bulky items such as waffle makers and bread makers, for example, might make you feel like a star in the kitchen. But how often do you actually use them? You can also give away tools you have multiples of, or stuff you’ve bought for your kids years ago (think unbreakable plates and cups). If getting rid of things isn’t your style, at the very least tuck them away behind closed doors.

It’s fair to say that stripped back design is hugely popular, with good reason. Far from being a trend, this way of shaping interior and exterior environments has been around since the 20th century. Applied to kitchens, a minimalist interior design hones in on essential shapes, clear forms and a sense of simplicity. There is little in the way of ornamentation or adornment.

We take pride in what we do, and our customers feedback is everything to us as they speak for themselves.

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  1. Thanks for this guide on a minimalist kitchen. Recently, my mom has started to love very minimalistic things and she wants everything in our home to look the same. What you said about how we should start keeping the counter as clear and uncluttered as possible is indeed a nice hack for keeping things minimalistic. I should share this with my mom since spring is approaching, a perfect time to do renovation projects.

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